A Perfect Day

The first days of spring will usually find The Little’s and I splashing about somewhere warm and shallow. One of our favourite haunts is the sparkling new Darling Quarter Park with more sprinkler outlets than suburbia in summer.

I sit myself on the edge of the action and catch a few rays on my pasty winter legs while I watch Ari and The King dash around, screaming with delight, soaked to the skin in seconds.

Thankful that I am the forward-thinking mama I am, I prepack a change of clothes, although I am ruefully wishing for a towel or two. Why is it that my children are totally and utterly drenched, while everyone else merely dips their toe in before heading over to the sandpit?

We have grand plans of Yum Cha for lunch but decide a 30 cent cone in the sun as our clothes dry is a far better option, blissfully savouring each and every lick. Its one of those long awaited days where the sun is hot to the skin and relief can be found in the shade with the shake of a picnic blanket.

Oh these perfect days.

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