Our Place in the Sun

For ten years now, Mossy and I have been refreshing ourselves in the calm waters of Jervis Bay. We’ve been extra lucky in that, never have we had to pay for this soothing break in our everyday routine as his parents so generously share their beach house with us, my family, their friends and anyone who needs a time out.

Up til now this has been lovely and most gratefully received, but we both feel a strong lure to finding our own little home away from home. Beach houses are great but they are also huge mess potential. Once The Littles came along, it started to feel like mama spent more time cooking and cleaning than relaxing and we need a holiday too non?

Mossy and I being the social butterflies we are, started to feel a little lonely once our friends grew up and began belles families of their own. Before long, as it always does with Lady Moss, a simple solution presented itself, that would suit our rather limited finances and need for the echoing sound of clinking glasses in the balmy summer twilight. The great Australian dream. The Vintage Caravan Park.

Over the long weekend we subjected The Littles to a cramped, tight space of sandy lino floors and faded beige 70’s bathroom tiles. At least we had a bathroom. Lady Moss does have some limits which certainly do not include a toilet block and flickering florescent globes as we attempt to apply our Touche Eclat prior to evening drinks.

And what became of this forced closeness? A deep connection to my family as I listened to the ones I love most in the world breathe in time with the gently drifting nighttime tide.

Perhaps it was the full moon watching over us all that left me with such a profoundly lingering sense of peace, that even now, two days home catches me unawares as my mind drifts back to those sweet three days and I wish us there again.

We begin as we always do Mossy and I, to search around for our perfect location, write out our wish list and make our plans in the hope that maybe this time, and not only because we need this so badly, we will find our place in the sun.


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