My Big Fat Lump of Cookie Dough

Celebrations and occasions in Rainbow Lane nearly always start with a few cling-wrapped balls of sugary cookie dough piled up in our freezer. This Halloween is no different and we got started on preparations with gusto.

This recipe is a particular favourite of Lady Moss and comes from our ever referenced Bronnie Bakes.

Simply combine 200g of room temp butter with 150g of caster sugar. (Bronnie uses 200g of sugar but I find it over sweet).

Add a free range egg and beat until combined.

Finish with 400g of plain flour and a teaspoon of vanilla paste.

Divide into two balls, cover with wrap and refrigerate for half an hour to relax the dough before rolling and baking in a 170 degree C oven until a nice beige colour (about 12 minutes). If like me you are getting ahead of party prep, this mix freezes for ages.

Stick around Rainbow Lane over the next month, we have lots going on and so much to share!

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