Naptime Craft with Lady Moss Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Todays naptime craft comes to you by request. We’ve had a few special occasions around here lately, a baby shower for my sister, The Kings first birthday and redecorating for spring. All perfect opportunities to sit down with a drink and make a pom pom or two. By far the easiest craft with the most impact you will ever attempt.

Start by pouring yourself a glass of something sweet. These are fluffy, flittery creatures and I find a little Frangelico and lime on ice does the trick.

Lay out 8 – 10 sheets of tissue paper. I buy mine in bulk from or in small amounts from the $2 shop. They take the hard work out of dividing up your papers as they are already in packs of 8 sheets. Easy.

Concertina your sheets from the short end. I usually fold about 2 inches wide. No need to measure, just make sure they all match fairly well as you fold. Easy again.

Tie a ribbon or twine firmly around the centre, leaving a good length to hang your pom pom with and round off your ends, preferably not using your best sewing scissors.

If you choose to buy the pom pom kits online for a price that’s almost criminal, they will arrive to you at this stage, the rest you have to do yourself anyway. Instead, call me, buy a good bottle of pinot and I’ll come over and help you make them.

Gently separate your sheets of tissue paper and fan them out until they fluff up into a pom pom. Hang from your string with 3m stickers for easy removal and you are done. 



There now. Easier than blowing up a balloon and so much nicer don’t you agree?

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  1. Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. StillRandomette

     /  November 10, 2011

    Definitely making some red and green ones for xmas. I will bring the pinot over…


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