My Favourite Holiday!

I’ve mentioned before just how much I adore Halloween and this year coming is no exception! Rainbow Lane has been gearing itself up early and are not ashamed to admit to sewing costumes in July. We intend to win the Nicholson School Halloween Fete costume competition this year oh yes we do. Although, it wasn’t long after that Lady Moss decided to go back to work………………….

Ari is holding a little party after Trick or Treating for all her friends to work off their sugar highs on spooky games and some monster mashing. Lady Moss has been downloading freaky tunes all year in anticipation!

We used the awesome invitation from the lovely Cottage Industry blog which prints four invites per page. I keep thick card-stock handy and printed on my two-day a week office printer. Try working out doubled sided colour with noone watching!

Ari and I spent quiet time yesterday decorating the house, slightly early in some peoples opinion perhaps. Well you can just stay away when the lollies come out if you think that…………………

Felt bats made from a simple silhouette, cut and sewn before stringing with black thread. Our black and orange felt bunting hangs proudly.

Gently swinging on the breeze, they could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

a Mini haunted house festooned with silky spider webs, sure to have some spooky additions added to it as the month moves on. I’m thinking some ghoulish Georgian peg dolls?

My beloved paper pumpkin head makes an appearance for the second year in a row. No out of season pumpkins for Lady Moss!

Our fence and hedging has been taken over by a host of new residents, hoping to scare our friendly Posty half to death next time he pops by with our bills….

Do stop in for a visit there is cranberry punch for all. Mind the floating ice head…………….

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  1. Oh how I wish I could come! Sounds like awesome fun, I’ve never been to a halloween party!


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