Old Meets New

I have been crafting with a renewed sense of purpose this week, an exciting project ahead, the beginnings of which are sitting underneath my sewing desk in various crates, boxes and bags.

Pieces that have been left idle, sitting in the cupboard unfinished and unlooked upon in months are being re-purposed and freshened up with a lick of paint, a patch of felt and maybe a chop chop here and there.

I’m busy making lists which is my absolute favourite thing to do when sitting down with a glass of wine at night. Makes me feel like I’m achieving greatness even in my downtime. All in all, a very satisfying week.

I know one little girl who is going to be very pleased with a new quilt made from vintage slips and fabric scraps for her special bed in the sky. When she looks up at the ceiling mere inches away, she will be reminded that every cloud can be sweet and a lesson in love and affection from those dear to her. Don’t you agree?



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  1. I like to make lots of lists… there is definately a sense of achievement when you finish a written list even if most of the things on the list take a while to get done… ha ha ha 🙂

    Love the clouds… lovely!


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