This Is Your Song.

Mossy and I are hopeless romantics, with the emphasis definitely being on hopeless. We will take experience, location and drama over a healthy bank account anyday. Individually we are slightly off-centre, as a pair we are crackers!

Looking back I cringe as I think of the time we test drove a vintage Mercedes SLK, fantasizing about weekends cruising between Sydney and the South Coast, the wind in our hair, the scent of the ocean and taste of salt on our lips. Not once did we factor in the cost of keeping an old (vintage!), European soft top running on the scent of an oily rag aka a graduate salary.

What we settled on was a fabulous Mini Moke (Mokey) that did actually run on an oily rag, smelt like one too come to think of it, but was totally worth it when you got to “throw a leg over” just to get in after a few drinks. As our luck would have it, our baby was stolen when Mossy decided to leave it at a train station until the wee hours of the morning. That was the end of open cars for us.

Episode 73 in our series of spur of the moment life decisions was the 1860’s terrace in The Rocks, ten metres from the Harbour Bridge overpass and the accompanying traffic noise. It took less than the hidden convict trapdoor and clawfoot bath overlooking the city lights to convince us. It had us at the original staircase floor runner and spooky ghost encounter with a teenage boy. Lady Moss will never be quite sure if it was real, imagined or to do with the Punch Bowl Cocktail Night. Yes you read it right. Cocktails. In punch bowls.

Never forgetting the time we hid ten kilos of Balinese beaded necklaces in our moneybags rather than pay the extra luggage cost home. It wasn’t until we arrived back in Sydney and were pulled aside by an officer wanting to search us that we realised just how close we came to being shut into a small room exchanging our bank account details for a flight to freedom. Woops. And they seriously were just beads!

We traveled to Fiji with an empty wallet hoping there was money coming, knowing that it usually goes right on the night. We once rented a three level terrace that, whilst it did have Sydney water views, also had one bedroom on the top floor and one on the bottom with living in between. Not so great with a newborn baby.

Who can forget the momentous move to the country to give our children a life of abundance, home grown veges and posh private schools with horse riding as part of the curriculum. The romance lasted on that one for a good two months before the realisation of relentless rain, three hour drives to the beach and longer to a shopping centre settled in. I even missed escalators dammit!

A fortune has slipped through our fingers in the pursuit of adventure and experience that most of the time hasn’t quite lived up to the imaginings. Potential will forever draw us in and a quick buck can always be made when it needs to be. Mistakes? Oh hundreds of them, but if you think on them as learning experiences, Mossy and I have several degree’s each by now surely.

What money can never buy is the partnership we have. Our ability to enjoy a cheeseburger eaten together on a ferry gazing out at the city lights just as much as a fancy restaurant with all the trimmings. We both appreciate the fun in all things, especially each other.

This man, who has just bought me the experience of a lifetime or a lifetime of experience if you look at that way, has been my husband for ten years now, my partner for fifteen and is not only the most amazing person I’ve ever met, he is also my best friend. I love him the best.
Happy Anniversary Mossy.

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  1. awwww… love it! Sounds like you guys have had an amazing 15 years together! Who needs fortune when you have your best friend to share such fantastic adventures and experiences together! Happy happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Lady Moss

     /  October 20, 2012

    Oh thank you!! X we are having an amazing anniversary weekend. It’s simple and perfect, all about the little things right! LM x

  3. Sue

     /  October 31, 2012

    Ah happy anniversary for the other week! I love that you have followed your dreams and given them a go, you don’t know if its the right decision until you do so. xxx

  4. Lady Moss

     /  October 31, 2012

    Thank you darling xxx


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