Spreading Cheer and Peanut Butter

The nicest thing about living in the country was the daily visitors of the aviation variety. We had a constant stream of little fluttering friends to add colour and song to our day. Our courtyard at Rainbow Lane is sadly lacking guests and so we decided to add variety to their diet with some wild bird food and salt free peanut butter.

Inspiration struck whilst drinking my morning coffee from a disposable cup, that I needed a container that could easily be refilled and hung from the branches of our frangipani tree. Even better is the reuse of materials that don’t biodegrade for the purposes of spreading a little Joyeux Noel.

A simple matter of threading some cooking twine or pretty coloured ribbon through the lip hole after washing off any leftover coffee. One does not need an early wakeup call from outside ones window.

I spread salt-reduced peanut butter on the base of the lids which stuck fast very nicely.

Ari then got into the action by sprinkling the bird see all over the butter laden lids. And the bench. And the floor.

These feeding trays look darling when hung together from your favourite tree and would be a special little present for your feathery friends in winter time when there is very little food on the ground. Its a wonderful craft for children to take part in, not only the making, but the act of sitting patiently and quietly, waiting for a little songbird to alight on their creation and tweet their thanks.


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