Countdown to Christmas

Every year I make a list of things I want to create for Christmas. For the past several its been a mini stocking advent calendar. Looking at the pictures on the Martha website it seemed far too time consuming and involved for Lady Moss’s patience levels, not to mention our wine stock.

We decided to get started early and have this project wrapped up long before the 1st December. Turns out it wasn’t just the easiest Christmas craft we’ve ever done but one of the most satisfying and quickest!

To create the sweetest homemade advent calendar on your street you will need:

Felt in your chosen colour. We being traditionalists of course used the perfect crimson shade of red but you could use any variation you like.

Scissors / pinking shears

Needle and thread / sewing machine

Fabric glitter glue


Start by drawing a small stocking template onto paper. Cut this out and use as your guide to cut 24 stocking shapes. I cut two pieces of felt at a time to make sure they were exactly matched. I used pinking shears to snip mine but normal scissors would be fine.

I popped a few polka dot versions in for visual effect.

Cut pieces of ribbon to size and lay across the top of your stocking. Pin in place.

Cut 24 lengths of ribbon and loop through as you sew around the stocking shape. I use clear thread when I’m working with felt, it makes it even more lifelike if you can’t see evidence of sewing. Stitch from the top left edge, backstitching for strength, then proceed to sew down the side, around the bottom and up the right hand edge, again backstitching.

Note: you could easily hand sew these little stockings, it could even become a family activity while watching a holiday movie! A simple in out stitch would suffice for these as they won’t be getting alot of wear and tear if strung high up.

I found that by completing each stage before having a (drink) rest, made the entire project seem thoroughly productive and satisfying.

Once every piece was sewn, I drew numbers 1 to 24 using green glitter glue. I was sightly hesitant to use this as I had had issues with my Oz badges, but after reading the instructions that advised to leave to dry for at least 5 hours, the numbers are stuck fast in place and will stay put for years.

I decided to fill our stockings with little Christmassy activities that the children could enjoy over the season. I used a font that I’m sure Santa would approve of and printed out onto thick stock before cutting with the ever reliable pinking shears. I also popped a few gold coins in for luck!

There are of course a multitude of ways to hang your advent calendar, not having available hooks I decided to use the fragrant eucalyptus stalks dressing our entryway. They look an absolute treat when opening the door and I’m thrilled with the result.

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