The worlds best non-alcoholic G&T……

I got this recipe off late-night telly after Lord Moss finally plugged into the new century. Until Lady Moss realised it was nothing more than a way to waste too many nights on the couch rather than writing and crafting, we learnt a good many things about hoarders, scary parents and people who like to eat all manner of thing including chalk, pottery, rocks and cigarette butts. Thankfully the habit passed quickly and we moved back to one night of telly a week. SBS Food Thursdays….Enough Said.

Before flicking the switch for good Lady Moss stumbled across a very tiny, bubbly, Glinda the Good Witch-like American who lived off juice. Of the non-alcholic variety. In her gay little trill she managed to convince this Lady that a jug of pure lemonade each day would entirely clean the liver. In no time we were hooked.

The recipe is as follows with Lady Moss’ adjustments below.

You will need to juice:

Two lemons peeled

A large thumb of ginger also peeled

One pink lady apple

A capful of Goji Juice

Add this mix to a lovely jug of ice and water and sip all day long for the zingiest buzz ever.


Of course being Lady Moss, one can’t follow a recipe without adjusting to taste slightly. Although tempted to add vodka, which we might add, would be simply divine, we decided to love our liver and give it a break for the afternoon.

And so, we added our lemon mix to a large jug of crisp sparkling mineral water, ice and a stem of mint. We still haven’t sent Mossy to the health food store to purchase Goji juice so I can’t vouch for its tasty addition but I do promise to let you know when I get to it.


Do give this one a try, it is truly the most refreshing repast for a hot afternoon and good for you too which is nice when Champagne has become the replacement for water lately……

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