A Dash of Cream

A couple of little projects to see you through the weekend today dear reader. We seem to be surrounded by cream these days, on the hob, around the home and in our craft projects.

We were called to action last weekend, when returning home what should we find standing alone, abandoned by the side of the road on our little peninsula? The most darling wee chair crying out for a spa treatment. Whilst it awaits its exfoliation, splash of limewash and reupholstry, it is happily occupied in a corner of Rainbow Lane with its new cushion friend.


Colour has been all but banished from Rainbow Lane and replaced instead with calm overtones of white, cream, grey marle and the rare splash of botanical green. Muted pinks make the cut with fresh flowers appearing every Friday morning curtsey of Mossy.

After months of bright red linens and chair covers, vintage toys strewn as if left mid play and the general untidiness of children, Lady Moss has reclaimed our space layering heavy glass candles on every spare surface and throwing sheepskin rugs around in careless abandon.

We soon felt that a new floor covering was in order. Something soft and scrunchy to rub soft (clean!) toes against while enjoying our current obsession with soft white wine.

Tshirt yarn is having its moment in the spotlight and after much trawling, Lady Moss found several great tutorials on how to cut up old tops or in our case one large bolt of jersey fabric. You can find them here: http://www.relevedesign.com/how-to-cut-continuous-t-shirt-yarn/ and here: http://www.petalstopicots.com/2012/03/green-crocheting-making-fabric-into-yarn Coming together far faster than one would think, these are a fantastic craft to get cracking on and finished during the winter months and set aside for Christmas.


Simply create your yarn, find a pattern you like and set to work, it really is a lovely project.

For my foodie readers a gorgeous recipe for you, simple but comforting, the best kind of supper after a long week:

Creamy Leeks with Cannellini Beans and Butter. Lots of butter.

As a side to serve four people grab a large leek, tin of cannellini beans, two cloves garlic and some cooking butter.

Bring the butter to a foam and rain in your beautiful sliced leeks, salt and pepper. Keep the heat on low and soften the leeks before adding garlic to prevent browning.

Splash in a good cup of white wine before refilling your own glass. Take a deep sigh of contentment and allow those melting flavours to envelope you in their warmth. Allow the wine to cook down slightly before adding your drained beans.

Pop the lid on, transfer the pan to the lowest hob and give it 10 minutes to bring all the ingredients together in a delightful mush. At this point I like to get out my potato masher and give everything a good squashing.

I serve this to The Littles in heaping spoons on crusty toast straight from the oven and would highly recommend as an after weekend sport lunch to warm the toes of any soccer player. For Mossy and myself its served next to the best piece of steak I can find, caramelised to perfection on the outside, juicy and rare, within. This is a meal for romance, for Friday nights after Littles have gone off to dreamland, cream and butter mingling with rich juices on the plate. Hearty enough for vegetarians, I would serve the leeks with a peppery salad and crunchy French beans.


And with that I am off Dear One. To fill my pantry in readiness for my lovely Ari and her arrival home for the weekend, to snuggle with The King and refrain from taking a bite out of his most delicious toes before he realises it is much safer to wear slippers around the house when Mama is nearby. Enjoy your days of freedom and we will see each other again soon.


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