Rainy Summer Days

Its been a lovely lead into Autumn this week and the busy homemaking that goes with forced indoors play. Lady Moss has been lighting scented candles in every corner, recreating the spicy smells of Christmas with a few leftover apple, cinnamon and clovey favourites mixed with a few new purchases of Moir Honey Nector. This amalgamation of foody, syrupy goodness has certainly got us all excited about the new season.

Although Sydney is barely affected by the colour changes that go with the descent into winter, our little foursome will soon grab a basket, fill it with soup, scarves and gloves to make our annual trip to Mt Wilson to celebrate the falling leaves and turning dark earth. In the meantime we are enjoying the last of our tomato crop, not that one has time to use them as they are mostly gobbled up on route from garden to kitchen along with the very sparse offerings of the strawberry patch.


I’ve finally discovered Pinterest although I can’t seem to stop calling it Pin-interest but thats just me. Should anybody besides Mossy be interested in what I have on my bag lust and crafts to make lists,  feel free to take a look at Ladymmoss.

I was inspired by blog.mandylynne.com to create felt sleep masks for Ari’s little friends’ birthday last week. A very tidy hour or two spent cutting felt beside the King as he drew sea monsters and mummy with three legs. As all of my homemade gifts seem to be, these have been well loved already and it truly gladdens my spirit that a little gift made from the heart wins every time over yet another box of lego or plastic tiara.


I drew these freehand, using the ideas from mandylynne and decided to hot glue the pieces together rather than sew for an invisible finish. I may have blown up my glue gun but that is definitely a story for another time. Such a simple craft to make, Ari and The King have decided they would like to make a pair for themselves. Anything to make littles sleep right?IMG_5373[1]

In other Rainbow Lane news, no I didn’t give up alcohol for a month please…. we made pork dumplings! Yes dumplings! My beloveds and I spent a stormy Sunday afternoon making these from scratch. Dough to Whoa. We used Poh’s recipe and took plenty of photos to share with you all. Fabulously easy and delicious to make they are a great way to get the kids cooking and eating. A very similar consistency to playdough you are killing two birds with one stone by combining cooking and playtime!

And with that reminder of food, Lady Moss is off to refill the wine glass whilst stirring a Beef Ragu in Milk with Polenta that has been merrily bubbling away on the stove these past few delightful hours. Be sure that I’ll let you know if its any good!

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