In a Past Life

Lady Moss used to be a stylist. Not that you’d know to look at me, I’m like the plumber with the leaky taps and prefer sweats to skinny jeans, Havianas are my shoe of choice even in winter. But, give me five minutes and I can supermarket sweep you into a brand new wardrobe. I only wish I could write as well as I can dress you because my passion certainly isn’t fashion I just happen to be good at it.

After a Friday Ladies Lunch that ended at 10pm, I was convinced to rethink my position and take on a few makeovers. I won’t say clients because I couldn’t bear to accept money from friends, rather a new rug from a designer friend will go down very nicely indeed. Oh yes.

It got me to thinking about the change in season and my perennial mummy uniform. I simply exchange a black singlet for a long sleeve black top, throw on leggings and occasionally boots. In this town we pull out thongs for a downpour, they dry faster than wellies.

I’ve taken a leaf out of my own style manual and started preparing an outfit the evening before, photographing it for Instagram approval more than once. With the temperature at long last falling below sweltering one can begin to think about layering and even throw on the odd light-weight scarf as the sun begins to drop over the Harbour. The addition of a new pair of heeled lace-ups gets me in the mood for tights and tartan.

If you’re at all inspired to do the same, reach into the depths of your robe for something not seen in awhile and mix it up according to the season you are moving into. Photograph a few outfits as a reference and see how uplifted you feel in the morning rush putting on an outfit as apposed to a uniform.




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