Consuming. Lunch and stuff.


This is my Thai Cauliflower Rice. It’s an absolute bitch to make which means I retreat inside my head and think for awhile….here is what I thought about while I was pulsing vege.


Being someone who really REALLY likes nice things, my ongoing journey to enlightenment is the struggle between how much I have vs how much I want.

Living in Sydney comes with its own set of challenges, everything is so shiny here, the sun’s always out and it can be hard to quantify how many in the world have far less than they need just to survive.

I’m constantly challenging myself, fighting to control the magpie side of my personality instantly attracted to pretty happy things, the part that stamps her feet and shouts I want it Daddy I WANT it now!

I don’t believe it’s wrong to work to surround ourselves with beautiful objects but we must remember that beauty is found in so many things we can’t buy. And to love something because it stirs our soul not because a girl we follow on Instagram has one.

We can’t strive to make the world a beautiful place if we can’t appreciate beauty itself, but one must remember, there is a price to all things. A consequence to filling our rooms with stuff just because we are empty vessels.

And I’m not perfect, nowhere near. I get sucked in by a $15 star light just as much as the next person. But I remember the real cost to it. The the environment, to the people making it and I treasure it just as much as my expensive paintings and see it for its real value, how much does it make me happy this pretty little object. Because one day it’ll be landfill and I have to shoulder that responsibility so I’d better make use of it, be sure and love it hard, not throw it away when I get bored.

So I try everyday to find satisfaction in the simple things just as much as the grand scale. I buy once, buy well and take care of everything that enters my home. I teach my children the responsibility of consuming and how to find joy in our family as a whole without the trappings of constantly buying things. Mostly I try to remember that even the very rich don’t have what I do. The precious happiness I carry in my heart, the luck I had to be paired with my husband and children and the gift of finding the fun in the simplest activities.

Going without can be a great teacher. If we look at it as a gift. I would never have learnt to appreciate what I have if I hadn’t done it tough for many years. I have freedom of choice, over what I eat, what I wear, the places I visit and that is wealth. Such wealth compared to so many. And I realise I’m rich beyond my imaginings. Right now I have two dozen eggs in my fridge, extra milk, meat, wine, my hot lunch! And that is far more than too many people in the world right now have to feed themselves with. Such wealth.

There are choices I’ve made for me, for my family. If I worked we could have lots more stuff, a house, another shiny new car. But I wouldn’t have time. The time I’ve had home with my kids that I decided was what I wanted. I’m lucky, I didn’t need to work for us to live, to eat or pay for shelter, it was only for things we wanted and we wanted this more. This free time.

It is hard, constant work for someone like me but it’s worth it. The reward is the feeling that comes with being always grateful, satisfied and slowly realising I already have everything I need.

The recipe is one I’ve adapted from JS Health guru Jessica Sepel. I love her philosophy to food and she definitely changed my life and the way I eat. Check her out.

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