An open letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Mr Turnbull

It seems you are in a bit of a pickle.

The reason you are in this jam is because eight months ago you turned your back on the ethics and morals that myself and many other Australians admired you for and instead listened to the ultra right wing conservatives in your party. Which you shouldn’t have done.

As a result, on Saturday I and those who previously cheered you into power six months ago turned our backs and resoundingly voted against you. Because you didn’t listen to us, your people.

As a mum of three, middle class Sydney-sider I should’ve voted for the Liberal Party. But as a Capitalist Idealist, who believes the more my family earns the more we can give away to those who need it, you lost my faith. You lost it the day you and your team stood up and told me you were delaying Same Sex Marriage and that there was nothing wrong with the way refugees were being treated in offshore detention. Not only was there nothing wrong, anybody who said otherwise would be denied the power of free speech and jailed for speaking out against the treatment of refugees. You lost me bigtime there sunshine. And by the looks of things you lost a great many other people as well.

Now while all may look doom and gloom in your camp and you’re busy worrying about how much longer you can hold onto the power that you obviously deem to be more important than the basic human right of same sex couples to get married, I offer you a glimmer of hope in these dark, uncertain days.

Because last Saturday the Australian people resoundingly voted not with their heads but with their hearts. They told you what they want. I’m a big believer in always seeing the sunshine after the rain and I tell you that you can fix this. You can make a choice.

You can continue to listen to the right wing of your party who are out of touch not only with what Australian voters want but also the world at large. Surely I don’t need to tell you how backwards the rest of the world sees us now that our government has yet again turned their backs on so many of our brothers and sisters who ask you respectfully to give them the one thing that makes them equal to their countrymen. Well over the majority of your country wants the same thing. Give us Same Sex Marriage. Now. Today. Unite us.

Or you can listen to the voters. Who came out on a cold, winters day in June and told you to make the right choice always from now on. To please for the sake of your country’s future choose humanity over personal gain. You can stand up and tell us you promise to do a better job.

Quite frankly Malcolm I’m mad I didn’t write to you in the beginning because I knew this would happen! I called it six months ago and now it’s a shambles. A bloody mess. For Gods sake Pauline Hanson has a seat!

Why you couldn’t use your brains and stick to your guns I say to myself every day. Be the politician that turned up to every Mardi Gra, when no other Lib would. A figurehead, a force for change. We didn’t want a smarmy smug politician who knows how to turn it on for the cameras and string a decent sentence together. We wanted an Obama. Outspoken and forthright.

Finally, Mr Turnbull I beg you. For my three kids. Please tonight listen to your National Anthem. The one that we all learned by heart in school. The anthem that I still tear up listening to at my children’s assembly. What sort of a country are we building for them if we lock up innocent families indefinitely and deafen our ears to stories of their abuse.

The country has changed and so have the needs of the voters. There is no longer a great divide between the left and the right. The majority sit firmly in the middle and seek a leader who reflects them. Their head that goes to work and struggles everyday to give their family a better future than they had. And their heart. Their amazing heart. The heart that guides the pen to sign the papers and send more money than they can afford to kids overseas they’ve never met. To go along to demonstrations and beg for babies to be kept free and safe along with their parents, not sent to detention to learn to hate us.

I’m sorry you’re disheartened and I reckon it’s a pretty lonely place you are in right now. Now you can wallow in that or you can get back up and you can fight for us. You have a privilege I would give anything for. You still lead Australia. And you can make it better.


Melanie Moss

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