Watch out shes a crafty one that girl

Behold my shiny happy craft cupboard.

I know, you’re green right?

I’m a teeny tiny bit anal (oh I hate that word but its politically incorrect to say OCD these days apparently) and find myself saying NO! everytime Ari wants to DO CRAFT MUMMY! Our supplies were so boxed up, hidden away and piled up that just to colour was a half hour expedition so I decided to become all crafty wondermama and create the Ultimate Craft Cupboard.

After months of recycling formula tins and glass jars and thinking that I should be doing something with them I finally did. I built up an assortment of odds and ends, soaked off the labels on the jars and recovered the tins.

I purchased the most divine French postage stamp paper from Tilly’s Art Supplies in Rozelle and was recommended to buy a spray can of Deco-art Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. Oh lordy this stuff is cool. Its like decoupage without the twenty coats. Not that I’m nerdy enough to decoupage. Oh God no. Ok so it was  once in year 10, a night course and I didnt know any better. Ahhhh that felt good, fifteen years off my shoulders (maybe more but who counts from thirty onwards you know?)

And back to the craft cupcoard.

You just spray over the paper and it gives it a protective coating. I adore the new tins and have opened the cupboard many times to stare at its organised goodness. Unfortunately The King likes opening it too if only just to wreck havoc. He wont be doing any crafting anytime soon if he keeps mixing the play doh colours thats for sure!

My jars are finding their wily ways all over the house. I’m loving this pickled cucumber jar used to store Epsom salts in the bathroom. Once emptied and soaked the shape is so chic!

Polish Cucumber Jar, wooden scoop from The Essential Ingrediant

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