That little thing you do

Don’t you just love dem babies?

Lately, for one of the first times in my life (except as a child waiting for Christmas), time has slowed almost to still. For once.

Thinking about it as I was bathing The King tonight I think I’ve got it figured out, which scares me because I don’t want the goblins of time knowing and starting it back up again. Hope they don’t read this post sheesh.

To work through my theory I need to put fingers to type pad as Mossy isn’t here to provide his ever patient ears….

When little Ari Moss arrived she was the teeniest tiny thing on the planet, and I mean seriously tiny. She fit into the palm of my hand, my own lil gumnut baby. I looked around at other babies growing so quickly and I wanted her to stay with me forever just still, lying in my hand, eyes closed and perfect. But talk she did, walk she did and grow she eventually did. It still amazes me how little I remember about that time and how fast it passed us by. I know it’s hidden down deep in my mind just waiting to pop up again when Mossy and I are brittle to remind us of our sunlight days but for now I’m thankful for just how much I got down on that video camera!

I loved each new stage as much as the one before but a not so small part of me despaired at its passing. But this time its different. Strangely with The King and knowing even that he may be my last baby I am so excited about his growth. Always my big boy, he is meant to be a walking, chatting toddler. It’s just not right that he stay a babe so long when he wants to move mama move! I don’t remember him ever being completely still. Once those blissful first ten days passed he was busy. So damn busy!  But time on the other hand has stood still. His frustrations become mine as he so slowly learnt to crawl and now at fourteen months desperately wants to walk but just can’t get it right yet. I am just bursting to wander along, his hand in mine, looking down upon his head of golden curls as he bends to check out a beetle whereas his sister, I wanted to carry in my arms forever.

He has all the traits of a toddler jam packed into his round little body that holds fast to his mother like a baby monkey. That knowing grin when he bashes a tin cup on the bath and makes a racket of a sound with it, his pure focused concentration as he empties my makeup basket before putting it all away again and those ripper (and quite often hysterically funny) tantrums when he doesnt get his way. But most of all its the perfect baby babble that we didn’t hear so early in Ari. Those words that say everything about this our dear little man, Tedda, Mumma Cuddle and Bubba, because when he’s in the room it’s all about him.

As I remind myself that this time is so fleeting and to enjoy every second, I love that I don’t mind so much that he is getting older and I start to look forward to his childhood games with his big sister, the memories they will build together and share when they are best friends down the road awhile.

sleep sweet prince, may flights of angels sing you to your rest.

Tell me what you so adore about your little ones I’d love to know, will give us something to chat about further down our road.





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