Happiness for your fridge

Today was one of those perfectly peaceful mornings, rare but treasured down at the end of Rainbow Lane. Mossy was home after three days away on business and we were enjoying buttery scrambled eggs before kindy drop off and coffee.

The King and I (love saying that!) took a leisurely stroll around the back streets of Birchgrove and popped into Calico & Ivy for some pinking shears. Do you remember those? Your mum probably still has a pair left over from the eighties when it became passé to hem. I now had all the accoutrement I needed to get working on a crafty gift idea that had been hanging around of late.

Do you remember Lady Moss telling to you to hold on to your oilcloth scraps leftover from the lunch sack project? I hope you did because you will need them now to make Fridge Magnet Rosettes. If not, never fear, just pop to the fabric shop and grab a few bits and pieces. You could use left-over material for this as well as oilcloth and I have made it a no-sew job. There really is no excuse not to give this one a try.


Oilcloth scraps in prints and colours that work in harmony. You are probably aware by now that Lady Moss is overly fond of red, beige and pink above all so those are the scraps we have most often to hand. Ours came from No Chintz in Rozelle, you could also try online from www.fabrictraders.com.au we have our eyes on some divine paisley fabric they have just stocked.

Ribbon scraps in matching colours. Taken from a shopping bag which contained a pair of shoes Lady Moss simply had to have and will be debuting tonight. Thrifty non? The ribbon, not the shoes clearly.

Magnet sheets. Now this is where Lady Moss feels quite clever. We priced these and they came to $30 A SHEET. I’m sorry what? Clearly that money could be better used elsewhere. See above.  However, we have learnt many times over that if you put a thought into the universe, often it materialises when you least expect it. Clearing through the junk mail we were stunned to find a local real estate calendar obviously intended for our fridge to remind us to buy a house in the New Year. As if we needed a reminder. We decided instead to chop up offending calendar into pieces for our craft project. I know. Genius.

Buttons. Lady Moss was quite shocked to hear that one of her ladies-in waiting did not have their own button jar and has set about remedying this sorry state of affairs immediately.

Pinking shears, hot glue gun and glasswear of various sizes, how convenient, we were in need.

 A glass of the most refreshing drink known to Lady Moss, orange juice and sparkling mineral water with a dash of vanilla sambucca added when no one is watching.

The wonderful thing about this project is A) no sewing and B) the littles can be involved. Shall we?

Trace around two or three glasses of different sizes. We used a wine glass (obviously) and two liqueur glasses. You want the pieces to sit nicely on top of each other showing off each fabric. Cut out the circles using your pinking shears. Being oilcloth there is no need to hem however, if you decide to use fabric, these will stop the fabric from fraying. Even better.


At the same time trace and cut some circles out of bright paper for your little ones to stick together with a glue stick to create their own rosettes. The glue gun is too hot for small hands and simply too much fun for Lady Moss to pass along in any case.


Cut lengths of ribbon about 12 cm’s, again using your shears to keep the edges from fraying. Also cut small squares of magnet. They look quite sweet and very professional we must admit!

Layer and hot glue your notions as following;

Largest piece of fabric

Ribbon doubled over

Smaller piece of fabric

(A third piece of fabric should you fancy it)

A button to finish nicely

Glue a square of magnet to the back before turning to your awaiting drink whilst your little army of rosettes dry!


I’m planning to wrap mine in brown paper with a white ribbon and pop in a basket by the door as a thoughtful last minute gift to take with us to the multitude of functions Lady Moss has been invited to this Christmas season. You could also use them for hostess gifts throughout the year as a thank you for a dinner invite. Beau petit cadeau!


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