Just one balloon…..

I need a balloon. Just one round balloon. You would think in a household of two children under five, especially with a birthday just gone I could find one freakin balloon.

We are being thrifty with our Halloween decorations this year and trying to make everything from supplies we have in the craft cupboard. I’ve been slowly redecorating said cupboard over the past few weeks and with everything so sparkling and shiny its time to give it a workout and mess that sucker up.

So back to the elusive balloon. I had a bag full left over from a corporate sponsorship Mossy did and they had been hanging around forever. They had followed us in two moves and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I Threw. Them. Out. Oh I know, I know, so wrong. But in my defense they were purple and green and I couldn’t forsee using them in a Joker party so out they went. Count forward three days later and I’m turning the house inside out for a balloon cause there is no way  I’m buying one!

 Why on earth a balloon for Halloween? For a Paper Mache Jac-O-Lantern of course! Our local supermarket has the real deal for $30 but seeing as its summer in Oz, definitely NOT pumpkin soup season and I’m counting pennies this week I’m a makin it!

I made some glue by mixing ½ cup of flour and about 2 or so cups of boiling water and its now sitting on my bench waiting to be spread throughout my kitchen by tiny hands eagerly waiting to make a Jac.

We even picked up our copy of the paper free with any purchase at the Art Gallery NSW when we visited for Wednesday Culture Day. At $3.90 their coffee isn’t cheap so I felt no shame taking it.  I just need one balloon…..

To go with our Jac-o-Lantern Ari and I made paper chains using black and orange paper and tissue ghosts. The easiest crafts on earth for little people to make. Did you make them in school? I did. You just take one tissue, scrunch it up and stuff it inside another tissue. Did that in school too except I stuffed said tissue into a bra. No need to do that these days thanks to my cupcake obsession so I make ghosties…just tie around the head to make a noose and draw on a face. Too easy.


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