Making Christmas Time!

The yearly panic that descends right about the 20th November has well and truly hit the house at the end of Rainbow Lane. Everywhere you look you will see the beginnings of decorations, presents and food in little piles waiting to take full scale liftoff. I have a steadfast rule (are you surprised?) that nothing at all Chrismissy can be seen until December 1st for fear of peaking too early. Instead, I spend the week before dragging it all out of cupboards, making lists, buying supplies and stocking the craft cabinet in preparation for the onslaught of a homemade Christmas. Its always about the planning people. Lady Moss has no interest in running to the shops stressed, three days before guests arrive looking for sticky tape, hard to find ingredients or last minute gifts. December in our house is all about the relaxed celebration. We plan to spend entire days baking gingerbread cookie star stacks wrapped in cellophane as table place settings, crafting decorations for our house frontage and delving into the sewing cabinet to create as many gifts as we possibly can. We will watch every Christmas movie, listen to every carol CD beginning of course with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra as we decorate our tree. I have slowly started to pack away anything in our main living rooms that dare to show any other colour than red, silver or white, a habit that began years ago after watching Home Alone and dreaming of a house entirely devoted to Christmas. It is my dream to have themed bedlinen. At our place, we all wear Christmas pyjamas so why stop there?

Ari loved making pom-poms so thoroughly in winter we have decided to create kits to give as gifts to her little friends so they can make their own pom-pom monsters. Ridiculously easy to make using a little recycled cardboard left over from any packages you may have received throughout the year and needed to hide out of site from prying husbands and some bright wool. Lady Moss has attempted many times to learn to knit before finally acknowledging that it is just not our thing, therefore we have plenty of wool lying long forgotten  that we need to do something, anything with.

Kid Friendly Pom-Poms

A rainy day and a glass of mulled wine are the perfect accompaniments to this project, a recipe to that will be added when I make a new batch. We polished off the last, broke the December 1st rule with that one. Things happen.

Grab yourself two glasses of different sizes. Funny how so many of the best projects call for this don’t you think? Trace around the larger glass, then placing the smaller glass inside trace around it, creating a donut shape.  The only donut shape Lady Moss has come into contact with since starting this God forsaken diet. You want to use a medium thick cardboard, a nappy box is perfect. You will need two doughnut shapes to create one pom-pom.

Roll your balls of wool into shorter lengths making it easier for small hands to hold. One ball of wool usually makes several pom-poms. Tie off the end around your two circles and assist your little one to get started. I found it helpful to make one for myself in order to show more effectively. It ended up being a very peaceful quiet time spent with Ari while The King slept.

The final stage can be tricky, I find an unpicker a much easier tool to cut the wool than scissors. Once the doughnut hole has been completely filled with wool, carefully cut along the outside edge, cutting right to the two pieces of cardboard. Pull apart slightly and wrap a length of wool around the entire centre of the pom-pom, tying off tightly. You can now pull off the cardboard, fluff out the pom-pom and trim any longer edges.

Hot glue gun googly eyes, felt pieces, buttons and any other bit and pieces you have lying around to create fun pom-pom monsters perfect for a naptime cuddle.


There are so many uses for these bright, soft balls. Should you know how to knit (lucky you) you could finish a scarf with a pom-pom or two, leave a length of wool and hang several from some dowel as a mobile for a new baby or, as we like to do, have a basketfull of rainbow colours just waiting for tiny visitors to come and discover.

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