Gingerbread 101

Over coffee and babycino’s Ari and I decided to give swimming a miss this afternoon and instead get our Christmas gingerbread mixture locked and loaded. Good thinking team as its now pouring, bad news for swimming lessons, good news for baking. The fact that our lessons are indoors matters not a bit right now.

Today is all about getting our batch of dough prepared and put away in the freezer so that it can be thawed, rolled and baked at a moment’s notice to create star cookie trees. Lady Moss spied these last year for a sum that would make you blush, before she set out to recreate in the Rainbow Lane kitchen for next to nix. So popular, they have been put on the must do each year list.

As we create said stacks, directions and images that’ll make your mouth water will be posted on the blog. However, in the spirit of organised chaos, I thought I would give you a list of ingredients to pick up in your next shop and we can bake together. Sound fine?

Right, pop these on your list

A large bag of plain flour – enough for 6 cups. That will make you one batch. We do double, sound crazy? Now you know why I pre-prep. Limits the craziness.

Baking soda

Baking powder

Brown sugar

A large block of unsalted butter

Treacle – or golden syrup if you prefer, I just like the dark overtones of the treacle

Eggs – free range please, even if its just because its Christmas

Ground ginger, cinnamon and clove – enough for several teaspoons of each

You will also want some icing sugar, silver balls for adults, mini m&ms for little teeth and cookie cutters. I use a collection of stars that vary in size. To wrap you will need clear cellophane, ribbon and little cardboard squares to sit your star trees on, we will be cutting ours but you can find them at spotlight.

Finally, one little hungry helper for kneading, rolling and cutting, one doesn’t want to ruin their manicure non?

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