Wrapping it up

Day two of the rain and it doesn’t look like its clearing anytime soon. Strangely for me I’m really enjoying it for the first time in my life. Like Ever. Christmas is generally a mad rush for Aussies, we are far too busy spending our days outside in the sunshine to waste time getting ready for the big day. There is more than enough baking to be done on the sand to bother with the oven and its certainly too hot to be slaving over a sewing machine making stuff. Until this week, it was certainly the case this season. Down at Rainbow Lane we are making the most of the cool change and charging ahead with our crafty campaign and getting into the spirit of a cold(ish) Christmas.

Today I broke the golden rule and put on a holiday movie early to punctuate our projects. With our tree ordered and due to arrive next week we set to work finishing our gift wrapping in readiness. Lady Moss has a Secret Santa event coming up and thought a set of homemade star stamped papers, complete with tags all tied up with string would make a charming gift for the time poor recipient.

Not a fan of gaudy store bought giftwrap, we always try to do something a little personal that suits our colour scheme for the day. We have even gone so far in previous years to request that guests match their gifts to the tree. Too much? I have amassed quite a number of brown paper rolls and love to set the littles to work with paint and brush. Last year Ari went abstract and created (in the correct shades of course) sheet upon sheet of art.

This year its all about stars. Our gingerbread star trees will sit as place settings at table so why not feature on our giftwrap. A very simple matter of cutting out shapes onto potatoes, which happen to be going to waste thanks to Lady Moss’ current eating habits. Better to be used as stamps we say, no excess calories there!

As much as we like to give the littles free rein to be artistic, it can be a little tricky with stamping if you actually want it to look like the shape you created. We assisted by brushing on the white paint before handing the stamp over. The less paint used, the lovelier the result and better yet, no washing up, just throw the lot into the bin. Good for littles, good for mama!

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