Life on the mean streets of Balmain

Can one ever have enough white wooden stools? Or furniture off the street for that matter, as the two seem to go hand in hand at our place. And is it Shabby Chic or just plain shabby?

While the trend has been and gone, I am mysteriously drawn to these unloved objects like a magnet, the poor dears left by the wayside, just waiting for me to come along, give them a new home and a prized collection of books to hold aloft.

This morning unveiled another hidden jewel as The King and I walked to collect the car after an evening of one too many wines with our ladies-in-waiting. With no umbrella to shield it from the rain, it sat soaked and forlorn hoping to be rescued. Skipping a stop in at our favourite fabric shop we hurried back to find it huddled beneath a tree shivering with cold. Or perhaps that was its one wonky leg, easily fixed with the twist of a wrench. Lady Moss can be quite handy you know.

It now lives, safe among friends, sharing stories of a life on the streets shortened by a kindly benefactor. Mossy pretends to be displeased with my orphans but I know he’s a softy at heart and will grow to love this new addition as much as all the others.

You may laugh or shake your head in wonder but one day, if you are truly lucky you could be invited to take tea at Lady Moss’ only to rest your vintage Dolton on one of our treasures, or to lay awhile on a cushion strewn daybed collected in the dead of night and most lovingly restored.

Donations to this worthwhile cause are always welcome.

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  1. You are an amazing writer xxx


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