Let your heart be light

Have you trimmed your Christmas Tree yet dear reader? Do you wait for the twelfth month or are you raring and ready to go? Ours is due to arrive on the 4th, later than my usual first day of December, but you can’t rush these real live boughs you know, they’re not a tame tree.

Each year we invite someone special to help us as we adorn our piece de resistance, this traditional wonder. This year Mossy’s parents will join us as we eat mince tarts, drink mulled wine and celebrate belles families while Bing Crosby croons A Merry Little Christmas, my favourite, my tear jerker, my carol that I sing my babies to their slumber each night of the season.

I always buy a few special decorations, just because we all need something new now and then don’t we? We have amassed our assortment slowly but surely, year after year, a collection any Lady would be proud of.  Glass baubles with tiny scenes of celebration caught up inside, silver bells a shining and porcelain figures that dance amongst the lights strung upon the pine needles. I determine each and every year that I will buy my beauties after Christmas during the sales but I never ever do. Instead I enjoy them all whilst they gently swing, my darlings, before I lay each one softly to rest on its pillow of tissue paper before closeting them together to sleep securely for another year.

Today I picked up just a couple, each one lovely in its own way to freshen up our fir this coming Sunday. To capture the imagination of The Littles as they gaze up into the twinkling, sparkling magic of our Christmas Tree.

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