Someone to watch over me.

When Mossy and I knew the country life was not all that we’d hoped it would be, for us, it was not a matter of clicking our heels and heading home. Those ruby slippers had to wait awhile, gather a little dust and hope and pray that the day would finally come, in truth a year and three months later, when we would be facing East, homeward bound.  And now with every new morning that comes, each new moon that rises, I can say with all my heart there’s no place like home. In fact I had no doubt in my mind we were doing the right thing by leaving. We gave it a chance and now we know, we are sure.

Some days I think my heart will burst right out of my chest, leap frog onto the pavement and dance a song of joy. Most of the time it’s the little things that make me smile, for no reason really but that its just so right, so so right for us. I hope that I radiate enough happiness that anyone walking past feels a little bit warmer, an extra nice game of pass it on.

My favourite time of the day is in the early hours of the morn sometime around three. Its my time alone with my night watchman, the guardian that stands silently over us. When we first moved back and The King was a wee one, while  I was still doing the odd early hour feed, I would wait for him to go back to sleep as I peered out, soaking up the quiet peacefulness of the witching hours on our little street. From our window I could see the helmet of a neighbouring Greek God keeping an eye over the milky light of the street lamp below. As we stared at each other a sense of complete safety and serenity washed over me and I began to find myself waking up night after night just to go and check he was still standing guard. As the frosty mists gave way to balmy summer evenings, still he looked down upon us as we slept. My fear of being left alone while Mossy traveled, the senseless pounding of my heart, the sleepless terror of the nights drifted away to be replaced by sweet, deep sleep. I am forever grateful to this brave knight who keeps watch over my little family hour after hour, month after month as we go joyfully about our daily life and peacefully about our slumber.

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