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As I walk past the pub up the road on a sweltering afternoon, its beer o’clock and I can hear Eye of the Tiger blaring from the speakers.  I have to remind myself as I do sometimes on days like this, I Love My Life, I Love My Life I LOVE MY LIFE!! Over and over as I keep on walking two tired littles home to cook their dinner and begin the bed and bath routine of the evening.

I manage to count seven bonds wife beaters before we round the corner and the mirage of crisp cool beer fades into the distance. An idea pops into my head to use up some leftover baby singlets I had picked up on sale for The King and never opened. Perhaps it would distract me from the heat and my thirst, if not it would surely use up half an hour before I needed to feed the littles.

And so to sew!

Gather a few teeny ribbed singlets, scraps of coloured felt  – we used leftovers from our puppet making, some haberdashery thread in contrast colours and thick needles.

Set your little to work with needle and thread. Its a great opportunity to teach easy hand sewing. Lady Moss simply doesnt have time to reattach buttons, this is just a preventative measure. We purchased the Lark sewing cards which come with darling vintage illustrations, coloured wool and plastic needles, safe for mini hands. Check they have a gorgeous craft range and stock Lark products.

Cut out shapes from the felt, keep it simple with the first letter of your littles name, a diamond for a kite and so on. Our singlets will be one of many parcels waiting under the Christmas Tree for our favourite nephew.  I’ll give you a clue, his name begins with E.

Pin your shape in place and tie off your needle. Begin on the inside of the singlet and with a running stitch securely sew in place. With a kite shape, thread from the bottom corner around your diamond so that where you finish it’s a simple matter of sewing a few crosses for the kite string. Very sweet.

And that my dear friends, is that. You really can do anything, a little time spent, an ounce of creativity and you will have a divine creation people pay quite a bit for at craft markets. Hunt out vintage doilies from thrift stores, sew rosettes with scraps of liberty print, create a bow tie using stripy fabric, anything really, just please ensure you attach firmly to prevent any nasty mishaps.

It’s a great idea to keep a few of these singlets to hand for new baby announcements, first birthdays and any other occasion calling for a precious wee pressie. Voila!


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