High Time for Tea and Santa Claus

Ever since I’ve known him, Mossy has asked me the same question, at the same time of year “so do you still believe in Santa?” uh huh, yep surely do, never fails to be the response. And its true. I 100%, prime time believe in Father Christmas, with all the trimmings. I write thank you notes to The Elves, I leave food and water out for The Reindeer even though every year they knock it over, ungrateful beasts. And I always ask the big guy what he would like to snack on when he drops by. I didn’t start doing this once I had children, I have always done it and will until the day I die. I have no doubt in my 6 year old heart that I have to be asleep at some point on Christmas Eve or I might just wake up to nothing but dustmites under my tree. And maybe, just maybe, I’m extra good this time of year; coal just doesn’t suit my décor!

Today was the biggest day of the season for me, taking The Littles to see Santa Claus to give him their letters and ask him extra nicely what they would like for Christmas. This year we discovered that The Crystal Garden at the Queen Victoria Building was where he was hanging out with a Toy Soldier and a Fairy, dressed in Aris favourite colour no less! In all honesty I think she was more impressed by this than anything else. We had been up to David Jones to see the Christmas Cave but The King has never been a fan of the whole closed door Santa thing and I really wanted him to enjoy the experience as much as his sister who would be quite happy to sit on a giant spider’s knee if she got a balloon out of it.

 The entire process is so well executed one really must give credit to management for how much consideration they have given to mamas, it was ridiculously calm up on level 2. Instead of waiting in line there is a buzzer system which conveniantly meant we could go and wander the stores before it was our turn. Twenty minutes later Lady Moss had racked up a small fortune in the toy store and as our purchases were being wrapped it went off. We had intended to go for a quick coffee but got sidetracked by the wooden lorry in the window, it comes with real felled logs, The King will LOVE it!

Back at the Crystal Garden, Ari had plenty of time to spend chatting with Santa and, unfortunately for me, read him the letter she had written which I had so cleverly smuggled out of the envelope to keep. Woops. It takes a keen imagination to convince a child and a very old bearded man that the paper is magical and only visible once its opened in the North Pole. Yep, high five to me. Much credit to Santa, he climbed aboard the story train and went right along with it the dear. The King loved it all, mostly the attention and cosseting he got from the Fairy, then with all the big action over, conveniently went to sleep so that Ari and I could have our big girls High Tea.

Upstairs in The Tea  Rooms, my little lady’s manners were impeccable as she sipped vanilla tea from her china cup and ate delicate cakes and sandwiches from the tea stand. Lady Moss indulged in a glass of French bubbles and just a couple of treats before we retired for the afternoon.

I do think there’s something in the air at the QVB encouraging children to behave at their very best, makes for a very pleasant shopping experience I must say. I adhere very strongly to the ideal that children surrounded by beautiful things grow up to be beautiful people and I expect mine to behave accordingly when we are somewhere special. Yet again, they both did me proud. I have no doubt Santa will be visiting Rainbow Lane this year, here’s hoping he leaves the good stuff.







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