Des Palettes de Couleurs

Recently, it has become abundantly clear to Lady Moss that one cannot take credit for any decorating flair we may have. The smack to the head moment came this morning when styling our latest market find. That our ladies-in-waiting hold greater influence over our nature than was originally thought.

I’ve always despaired that I don’t have a signature style. That my fashion taste, my approach to interior design and quite often my general demeanor have little direction and shift like the summer wind. I  desperately want to embrace minimalist chic and, if you were to peek inside Lady Moss’ cupboards you would find the taste for order, but glancing around my home and wardrobe it’s all a bit of a mismatch really. I try to convince myself it’s a budget thing, but for me the patina of age, the texture of the pre-owned holds far more desirability than the building blocks of a one-store interior.

Until the lightbulb clicked on in my brain and I realised that it wasn’t some talent for the eclectic that stitched me together like a grandma crochet throw, all praise must go to the special people, who in the course of my life have lent me their spark. A little plain and boring, I’m the embroidered white coverlet, they are the silk scarves strewn across it.

Until this past year it would never have crossed my mind to use yellow in my decorating, much less to search it out in markets, secondhand stores and the side of the road. The particular shade of sunshine I’m seeking cannot be found in a home wares store, it has a beauty that will only be found in the antique. An old soulmate that took me a lifetime to find and make my own. Lady Kitty you are my light.

Wherever you look in my home and on my person you will see red (I see red, I see red!). I surround myself with its brightness, its excitement, its exuberance for life. My world was turned upside down forever when Lady Hunt bounced into a café one day twelve years ago, balancing on her velcro platforms that only she could wear back then and probably still carry off today. It’s a strange afternoon if at least two hours of my time aren’t spent laughing with you. My true Lady in Red and the fun in every single day.  

As I look around I can spot the influence of the great loves of my life. My bookcases are colour coded and dedicated to nighttime hours spent carefully scrutinizing and rearranging while the same thing went on in the little ground floor flat next door by candlelight, as the scent of incense and bougainvillea drifted through the open window. The obsessive need for order and everything in its place comes from the childhood bedroom of my darling, oldest friend for which I thank her dearly, before her I was not a Lady with genteel sensibilities.

You are all here with me every day my Ladies. I can feel the warmth of the sun, hear the peals of laughter ringing all around and see the colour you have each left, deeply imprinted into the fabric of my life. Thank you all for your light without which I could never hope to shine.

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