Croon away baby.

The conversation on the hour long drive home from the in laws today went like this.

Lady Moss: “Damn I didn’t bring my Frank & Bing CD”

Mossy: “It would be out the window if you had”

“Mossy wouldn’t it be great if there was a radio station that only played Christmas Carols”.

“I can’t imagine anything worse”

“Are you kidding me it would be freakin AWESOME!”

Something like that…..

So I hate commercial radio it stinks. Its loud, beyond bad music, full of infantile fart jokes and scum of the earth shock jocks. But something made me turn that switch and then turn it up as Christmas with The Boob filled the car. Before my voice joined him.

Which got me to thinking about my perfect Christmas Album and who would sing it. I reckon Bruce Springsteen would bring a huskiness definitely missing in carols. A little sex with your mistletoe.

Who would you like to see release a album this time of year?

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