I hope that someone gets my….

Lady Moss has been agonising over what to give our best Ladies-in-waiting for Christmas. On a recent jaunt into the city with The King I lost a precious blue bag tied with white ribbon containing long-time saved for precious metals. It didn’t seem right, or budget friendly to replace them so I took it as a sign and continued the search.

For a gift to be worthy of our Ladies we would prefer it  to be one of a kind, artisan made, gorgeous by our standards and to relay some sentiment of how we feel about these most magical people. Some checklist right?

On the spur of the moment an idea popped into sight and the craft door in my mind opened. It could be made!

With only a few left to handout (our inner circle is very exclusive afterall) and only a couple of sleeps before Christmas, I thought I would share this idea with any of you still searching for that elusive, perfect gift. Lady Moss wouldn’t even mind if there was one sitting under our tree this year in case dear husband is at a loss.

I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my

Message in a bottle…..


You will need:

Cute glass vessels, up-cycled jars, juice bottles (we love San Vittoria) anything will do, any shape you fancy

Small amounts of cute fabric, this is a great way to use up scraps that you can’t bear to throw out

Pinking shears, wine glass, pencil, ribbons, plain coloured paper, gift tag, ruler, cutting board and slicer or plain scissors, felt tip pen

Tea in a vintage cup, once emptied used to capture your tears as you shed them over your profuse writings of love

Start by tracing around your wine glass and cutting a circle with your pinking shears. Then using your ruler, slice/cut rectangles from your coloured paper. Around 8cmx15cm is a good size.

Outpour your love in your very neatest handwriting. I like to borrow quotes and lyrics from my favourite songs. Roll and stick your notes tightly. You could use a little star sticker, photo dots, tape, really anything you have to hand before dropping into your vessel.

Cover the opening with your sheered fabric and tie with a ribbon before adding your gift tag.

Isn’t it lovely that the clever use of a few simple materials you have in the craft cupboard, combined with your most heartfelt feelings, can create a gift far more special than anything that comes in a store bought box. Even a blue one.

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  1. Lady Hunt

     /  December 21, 2011

    Lady Hunt is saving hers for Christmas day as she knows it will be her most special gift xxx

  2. Lady Moss

     /  December 21, 2011

    you are my most precious gift x


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