Things that made me smile this week

Fairy lights in frangipani trees. Always reminds me of Lady Hunt

Reminding myself to swim in the slipstream when doing the last Christmas grocery shop. Take it slow, enjoy the process, smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

The Kings blocks raising the legs of my Christmas table so it matches the height of its partner. Sometimes the simplest solutions have the biggest impact.

Putting my feet up and catching some quiet before the craziness begins.

Red toes on a red ottoman.

That I managed to wait to give Mossy his present. I never ever can!

A Christmas cooking show every night this week on the ABC. And we watched them all!

That my ladies care enough to check on me when they know I need a little extra love.

 That three months in I still have something to say. This blog has been a gift to myself. Wishing you all a wondeful Christmas Eve and all the love in the world in your heart. 

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