The little Christmas that could

And so this is Christmas. And what have you done?

Down at Rainbow Lane we bid farewell to one of the nicest Christmas’ ever. Mossy and I are sitting quietly in our favourite spots to take a big deep breath. And let it out again. Phew.

Our tree stands a little forlorn in the corner, fading fast, devoid of presents and beginning to show its brown patches. It doesn’t belong in this clime but we water everyday in the hope that it will retain its evergreen a little longer.

I made a promise this year that I would give myself the gift of slow. And, as much as hosting several belles families would allow I kept my word. I napped when I should’ve been packing the dishwasher, I walked when it would’ve been easier to throw the kids in the car and ignored the dirt in my hair for favor of a no-fuss bun when a wash was probably necessary.

More than anything else, I searched for magic in every corner of The Christmas House and found it in abundance. Of presents there were many, fridges fit to bursting but it was in the little things that I felt more joy than I have ever known this time of year.

Packing stockings for three little munchkins, not forgetting to leave chocolate coins in the toe as was done for Lady Moss each year as a child.

 Enjoying a steaming cup of tea alone before anyone else awakes, listening to Rainbow Lane inhale and exhale in slumber while my excitement builds in anticipation.

The carefree spirit of a Santa Claus clearly in such a hurry that he speeds across the sky leaving skid marks as he flies.

A tiny pack of floral head pins destined for bright lights, sure to make an appearance here on this very page. Best present ever.

Hearing the wave of good cheer as it passes by our door.

 As we prepare for the end of another year I start to pack away all signs of anything red and green and begin to look forward to long days by the beach with nothing to prepare for but cocktail hour.

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