Come Away My Pretty


There’s nothing I like better than multitasking. So if I can combine four of my great loves – old, new for me, books and you’re just so pretty I can’t walk away in one purchase I consider it time well spent.

I’ve been purposefully wandering past and wanting desperately this vintage copy of Cakes and Custard, a collection of historical nursery rhymes from the second hand bookshop in Rozelle thinking it had to be out of my I don’t need it but I want it price range when I finally got the courage to walk in and actually ask how much it was. $22.00? I’m sorry what? Sweet as, and I’ll have those three Enid Blyton’s you’ve got going for $7.50 each while I’m at it. Cheers.

And home with me she came.

My Precious

I especially love this blood thirsty nursery tale, might save it for Halloween Night on Monday….

Beats reading the Hungry Caterpillar


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