Lady Moss is Hooked

I have a theory that in this day and age, the modern Lady can master one of two disciplines. While this may not be true of everyone, in my family you are either a knitter or a crocheter. I have tried many a time to manipulate the needles and while the desire is there the talent is sadly lacking.

I fantasise of winter months spent snuggled on the couch with lengths of brightly coloured wool draped across my legs while I sip Gluhwein and knit matching jumpers to see us through the season. A lovely dream it was to be until I purchased the books by the lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes and caught the crochet bug.

While the complicated patterns of the two sticks have always eluded me, crochet I just get. I love the simplicity of carrying a little hook and ball of wool (or yarn if I want to be all professional like). My mind is totally entranced by the magical interweaving of stitches and the tactile, peasant like results.

Right now I am still on the basics. Chain stitch and single crochet. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far is to let go of my perfectionist tendencies, loosen up and roll with the hook as it works its way through the pattern. If I go too hard and plait over tight I only make it harder on myself.

A good lesson learned don’t you think?

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