Things that made me smile this week

I admit it was a difficult week so anything that brought a little sunshine back to my life was appreciated ten fold.

Tuesday Night Nigella. That women is pure plumped up perfection. Imagine being that luscious naturally.

Crocheting the worlds widest, longest cashmere scarf/blanket. Well maybe not the biggest but shes pretty generous. I anticipate many cosy winter nights ahead knitting on the sofa. Maybe she’ll be finished by next summer.

My new red Country Road jersey dress. You had me at broderie anglaise neckline.

Paying extra for kindness at the grocer down the road. If you’re ever having a bad day do come to the Balmain Cove Convenience store and buy a pink soda from the South Americans who run the store. I swear it’s a time capsule to the fifties in there. Nobody makes me happier than those sweet men and their manners. Please come and spend your money.

Most Sydney bus drivers. I will always go out of my way to take the public transport option. By far, more hassle to pack the Littles into the car with all our gear and hunt for a car space, even if I am the lucky carpark girl, more on that some other time. Most of the time I am rewarded for my efforts with drivers who make such an effort to assist. Friday 5pm and we were asked to come to the front of the line and climb aboard before anybody else so I could “get those adorable children home for their dinner” makes it all worthwhile don’t you think?

Genki Noodles at Artamon on a Saturday, with a side of cuddles from my favourite nephew. Today was lucky day at the Chinese grocer, everything 20% off!

Jane Eyre in the DVD player and cool weather for the evening. Puzzles before bed then knitting I suspect.

Indeed it is a lucky day. Happy Weekend Everyone!


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