Wiggles not Wizards

Lady Moss is feeling less than smug this afternoon after a trip to The Powerhouse Museum to see the Harry Potter exhibition this morning. Did you know that being the most popular series of books, like ever means that the only show  to tour Australia sells out faster than Picasso at the Gallery NSW. And that you really ought to prebook tickets. I didn’t.

Poor Ari’s heart was broken when I tried to explain that because there were already so many people meeting with Harry today we just wouldn’t be able to go in and would The Wiggles do instead? Apparently not. In true Ari style she didn’t make a scene, certainly no tantrum, even though she had been asking for months to see the exhibition. She cuddled into my shoulder and squeaked that she was trying not to cry and would be brave mummy. Oh God.

I tried to pass off the massive locomotive in the entryway  as The Hogwarts Express but her eyes were drawn to the twenty thousand wizard hats waiting in line. Double God please let the Wiggles be good.

Lucky for Lady Moss they were better than good they were awesome! Even if you can’t stand the boys in skivvies, this is far beyond worth its $12 entry fee. We could’ve easily stayed all day if Ari would only forget about what was going on upstairs.

We got right into the thick of the action, making wooden fruit salad, dancing to silhouettes superimposed on projection screens, constructing tissue paper roses and holding tea parties with Dorothy. We entered an underwater grotto and hung out with Henry the Octopus, had a snooze inside Captain Feathersword’s boat bunk beds and played in the seriously Big Red Car! That thing holds more kids than a ute at a B&S Ball. The Littles had a brilliant morning, even Ari after I promised an afternoon of craft constructing our own flying broom from some leftover dowel and kitchen string. Cross your fingers it works, the idea came out of our mouth before the brain caught up.

Right now we are consoling ourselves on the couch with The Philosophers Stone and homemade chocolate icing eaten straight from the bowl sans cake until The King wakes up and the broom building begins.

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