Weeknight wonderful

Lady Moss has cooked some fabulously easy suppers this week from store cupboard supplies and leftover meats. Seeing as its only hump day you have plenty of time to add the ingredients to your shopping list or to do as I did, dig through the pantry and have a good old experiment!

Feel free to adjust the amounts to taste as most of it was a guestimate, the best meals happen this way dont you agree?

Monday Night Pancetta, Pea & Pappardelle!

Dig around for:

I had some leftover pancetta from our Haberfield forage, but you could easily replace with prosciutto.

Frozen peas




Egg Pappadelle – don’t bother with fresh, good quality dried is much nicer. I am now a faithful devotee to L’Abruzzese, super fast to cook and you can taste the egg its so tasty!

Bring your large pasta pot to the boil and add salt, toss in your papadelle and cook to al dente.

Meanwhile fry up your pancetta and garlic in olive oil, adding your peas when you have a few minutes to go.

Reserve a cup of cooking liquor.

Drain your pasta, return to pot with a knob of butter and toss around. Add a little cooking water to lubricate.

Mix through your pancetta and pea mix, add a generous amount of parmesan, pepper and parsley.

What a celebration of alliteration non!

Tuesday Night Lamb Curry

Chump lamb – I used three chops I had in the freezer for a rainy day. Just take the meat off the bone along with most of the outside fat, still leaves plenty to add juice and flavor to the dish. Cut into cubes.

1 Onion

2 tbs good quality curry powder – I use Herbies

1 tsp Garam masala

Sweet potato or any comfort vege, I added some carrot, cauliflower, peas and zucchini would also work well

Dried puy lentils – yellow or any other kind is fine if you have them

Choice additions

Preserved lemon – I’ve been dying to use some that I made about two months ago

Coriander – I’ve had it most days this week and wanted none of it

Dried apricots – to add a little sweetness

Seal your meat in olive oil, add salt to taste to help caramelise. Remove from pan and soften onions before adding spices. Cook until fragrant.

Return the lamb, add, preserved lemon, veges, lentils and a cup of water.

Bring to boil, then lower heat and cook until lamb is falling apart. Check water and add more if necessary. Give yourself about 40 minutes for it to cook.

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