Its raining pomegranates!

Sunday lunch is the most important meal of the week to me. I happily spend hours in a hot kitchen preparing food for the people I love. My family is immense, joined from blood ties, old friends, new friends, neighbours, baristas and anyone else who drops by Rainbow Lane.

Today was small in number, big in heart. Ari and I baked a cake for Grumpy’s birthday Saturday afternoon which turned into a feast that took sixteen hours to prepare. Well to slowly cook, I can’t honestly say there was a lot of effort on Lady Moss’s part.

I highly recommend you add this recipe to your repertoire. It’s a ridiculously simple process for sumptuous results. I came across Nigella’s Lamb Shoulder with Pomegranate years ago in a cookbook I was given and each time I’ve served this divine dish it has been a success.

Lamb shoulders are a reasonably cheap cut of meat, although these days off-cuts are so in vogue that they can still be costly depending on where you source yours from. I use Gojak Meats in Haberfield, the quality is excellent, free range and well priced. I purchased a small shoulder which fed four adults and two Littles easily.

Forage for these delicious in-season ingredients:

Lamb shoulder

1 carrot, peeled, halved and quartered lengthwise

6 shallots /2 onions cut into chunky quarters

6 garlic cloves, skin on, bashed slightly with the flat of your knife to release the flavour

1 pomegranate

1 small handful each of mint, coriander and parsley

Preheat your oven to 120 degrees C. Season your lamb with sea salt and pepper before heating a little olive oil in a roasting pan to seal the shoulder briefly. I was quite exhausted and lazy last night and didn’t do this and to be honest the result was fine if not exactly the same.  Remove the meat and throw in the veges, lubricating with the oil and salt, tasty!

Take the pan off the heat, lay the shoulder across the veges and pour in two cups of boiling water. Cover in foil and place in the oven. Stupendously simple non?

Now. Go to bed.

Yes really!

If you prepare and cook your meat overnight it will result in the softest, lusciously succulent lamb you have ever tasted with very little work. And the best part? Although this is a summer dish that needs many hours of cooking, your oven will never get hot enough to heat the house as it is cooked overnight and served luke warm at lunch the next day.

Sleep well knowing you will awaken to a family feast entirely prepared! You Goddess You!

After twelve hours or so, remove the foil to allow the skin to crisp up. Check your meat is unfailingly tender and turn the heat up to 150 degrees C just to crank it along.

After 15 or so hours remove the meat onto a board and pull it apart with forks no knives neccessary. Remove all the bones and either discard or freeze to make stock. No need to rest your meat, in fact the faster you work the better as the dish cools quickly and you don’t want the fat becoming white and gelatinous. Most unattractive really unlike yourself!

It is time to anoint your feast!

Chop the pomegranate in half sideways and bash with a rolling pin or wooden spoon over the lamb. Highly satisfying for stress if you were awoken early and have been looking after little people whilst husband sleeps in trust me. There is something so beautiful about watching those crimson jewels raining down covering the gooey brown meat in slippery juices.

Cover the lot in chopped herbs just before bringing to table.

I serve this heaving wooden board of goodness with humus made from dried chickpeas soaked also overnight before boiling until soft.  Blend with salt, tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a little hot water until super smooth. A plate of sliced tomatoes and red onion along with Lebanese bread completes the table as my beloved ones serve themselves. In the background, a melody of croaking frogs and clinking wine glasses accompanies our meal.

Bon Appétit x

In other news, we have nearly completed Lady Kitty’s new scarf and have a growing list of projects to start on. Watch this space for a very detailed card table cubbyhouse, although we haven’t decided on our material of choice – fabric or felt, opinions most welcome! We also found a few very fun tutorials for dresses, skirts, halloween costumes, I know I know getting in early, a red riding cape and a TEDDY BEAR BABY CARRIER! Uh huh Tedda’s gonna be riding in super style! I do hope you’re enjoying yourself around these parts, I’m sure having a ball. Thanks for reading! 

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