The happiest little yellow cottage on Rainbow Lane

Somehow Lady Moss managed to ignore the Littles for two hours yesterday while researching our latest obsession. Card Table Playhouses. There are a huge amount online, along with patterns and complete supplies to make your own using pre-existing designs. Knowing there’s an architect, landscape artist and interior designer deep within me, I’ve been busy creating my own version to gift to Ari and The King for Easter. If I can get it done on time!

After much research I’ve decided to build it entirely from felt. I guess the idea of an indoor playhouse is for rainy days inside when the playroom can’t be accessed and we would much prefer to sit around drinking tea cosying up on piles of cushions. From what I’ve seen, the fabric options look a little saggy and I admit I do love the idea of sticking felt accessories to the same fabric base. After much discussion with Lady Hunt I have decided upon a wool  blend and just need to go to Spotlight and rub denim against all the felt I can find to ensure it will hold up to a house with a very fluffy dog!

This little playhouse is already becoming a huge undertaking so I will write about it in stages. Yesterday, Ari and I drew up the plans, got out the Derwents and went colour crazy! There will be a mailbox for posting letters and cards, no bills allowed! We also intended to have a garden that always produces the finest fruit and veges, flower boxes in bloom, a tea table for elevenses and much much more!

Along with felt, you will need to stock up on Velcro, invisible thread and any accessories you need to decorate with. There are a couple of excellent tutorials on shannon makes stuff and firefliesandjellybeans.blogspot that I am going to use to guide me as I go along.

Let me know that you think of our little cottage on Rainbow Lane so far!

The front of our little cottage

The backside!


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