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Nothing much today just a trip to Spotlight Rockdale with two children in tow. A trip I will never make again are you kidding me!! Ari was beside herself with the party paraphernalia and wanted to take it all home for the three birthday parties she is convinced she is having.

We went there to purchase the felt we needed for the playhouse but came home empty handed in that respect. Most of the colours were awful and I wanted to buy the lot from the same supplier to ensure the same thickness and texture overall. Sound pedantic? You understand don’t you? Yes, well then you know.

I did pick up all my invisible threads, Velcro needs as well as some interfacing, small felt sheets and letters for a birthday crown I have been meaning to make for four long years now. I  got elastic thread to make baby bloomers , wooden buttons for Master Hunts’ long overdue scarf and a few bits and pieces. I did all this with unhelpful staff doing everything they could NOT to assist, while my baby climbed out of his pram and over the top and Ari dragged armload after armload of party hats and balloons over for my approval. Never again.

As soon as we arrived home I threw (literally) the Littles into their rooms and sat down to sew. Just something simple but enough to occupy my stressed mind. A birthday crown for my babies.

I have always loved birthday badges to tell the world that  its your special day. I used to buy them for my  friends at school as part of their card but apparently for normal people the fun stops at 10 and so do the birthday badges. My dear Lady Hunt found herself the lucky recipient of a Happy 5th Birthday Barbie! once, but really who was counting? Well just you wait til this year Lady….

This craft is so simple I think it takes out the prize of easiest Rainbow Lane gig ever. Just buy/raid your felt supplies, two colours, for front and back. I also used fairly stiff interfacing but you could put some old heavy cotton inside to hold it up should work fine. Google a design you like and print out to use it as a pattern.

Pin it to your two pieces of felt and interfacing and cut the shape. I then cut around my interfacing to ensure it was slightly smaller than my felt pieces as I didn’t want it to show through, although if you were using nice fabric you might like it to, you choice.

Sew a square of Velcro to the front centre piece of felt, this will be for your birthday button! Measure your munchkins head with a thick piece of elastic and sandwich it between your felt. Luckily The Kings head is the same size as Aris even though there is three years difference. Lucky me.

Simply sew all three pieces together making sure its all nice and straight and your elastic is sitting square. I find that starting along the bottom long side helps to keep your work striaght.

Thanks to my vintage thread collection I had the perfectly matched blue spool, you could use contrast thread or plain white s’up to you! Exposed seams are no issue with felt which I love, so easy!! You can add any trims or detail you like, I had a little rick rack left over and popped that along the bottom.

Cut out a bunch of circles in contrast colours. Attach a little Velcro to the backpiece before sewing together. I have felt numbers with a sticky back that I bought specially for this. Each button has a different number and can be used to celebrate the lucky birthday! By having numbers that interchange you only ever need to have one crown. Lazy? Oh well suits me. especially in the mood I was in after this mornings outing.

You could easily hand stitch this project using a neat blanket stitch, felt is so forgiving and easy to work with, especially this project, do please give it a go!

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  1. Steph

     /  January 31, 2012

    She looks thrilled!


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