Goodnight sweet prince

My sweet girl is my freedom, my spirit, my wee man my star. He guides me safely through the dark mists that encircle my mind and threaten at times to drag me under. Arms out, giggling and calling Mama Mama, three steps ahead, keeping me always within the light.

His constant companion Tedda runs with him. Never far from baby, may he be your moonbeam darling boy. I have watched you both sleep, clutched tight together since the night you arrived to shine a-bright my way back.  

I thank God for you my sweetheart, so many times I nearly gave up but for you. And Tedda, I thank heaven for you too. Stay beside my son evermore. Protect his innocence, his boyhood, his golden curls. Be his friend always and I promise I will wash you on a gentle cycle with only soap flakes to leave you pillow soft. Deal?

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