All for warmth

Lady Moss has itchy fingers today. Literally, the mosquitoes this year have been appalling. We also happen to be waiting on a huge amount of felt and crafting supplies for several projects, including the playhouse, on the Rainbow Lane sewing agenda. Until it all arrives I am left with nothing new and fresh to work on.

Fancying the chill I felt in the air this morning, I decided to work with some of the softest flannelette I got on sale before Christmas to make some sheets for The King. At $1 per metre, he will be getting a cosy winters sleep on a $3 set of sheets, handmade by mummy. Being a little ahead of myself today, I polished those off and hit the stove with our favourite Tuesday night slow-cooked beef curry, all in readiness for the Littles after swimming lessons when, judging by this weather they will return home cold and wet, eager for something warm in their little tummies. Impressed much?

To put together the sheets I simply lay the fabric over the bed, sliced it to length and pinned a rolled hem before ironing into place. I love sewing long straight lines, so soothing not to lift the needle so often don’t you think. After an even easier job of making a little pillowcase the set was done with plenty of time before the nights turn cold and he will need his bed to be made up warmly.


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