May all your dreams come true

Tomorrow my baby girl turns four. 4. Wow.

Like all parents I look at her and think seriously? I made this? I did good! This fairy creature of ours amazes us everyday. She inspires Mossy and I to slow down, look around us and make up a story about what we see. It is because of her that I create anything. That I try be more for her than just a mum, that I eschew buying so much stuff and instead surround us with a home that is comforting, warm and full of inspiration for that remarkable mind that lives inside her “container”.

This week I finished off her presents,  made her birthday cake to take to kindy tomorrow and ordered her tickets to Babies Proms Kids at the House, which  she will love so much more than toys.  The only thing left to do was her birthday card which I planned to pen and embroider the words onto a new pillowcase for her to wake up to  on her birthday morning. In the midst of chaos at Rainbow Lane it got put off and to the side until I belatedly asked Mossy to race to the store and pick one up. He stopped, looked at me and said something along the lines of “surely we can make something special ourselves” you think?

So darling when you open your four year old eyes tomorrow, you won’t be resting on a colourful string of words but the first thing you see will be a little card made especially for you from the two people in the world who love you more than life itself. Happy Birthday Ariel-elfling.




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  1. claire

     /  February 12, 2012

    So beautiful. You always bring tears to my eyes .


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