I apologise for my absence dear friends / friend? life got in the way. Well a book did really. I’ve been ensconced in The Tale of Danny Dunn lent to me by a friend who, like everyone else is well aware of my love affair with this little peninsula.Balmain is one of those mystifying places that you aren’t really aware of until you move here for some other reason than usually because you “want to” its not until twenty years down the track, with your roots firmly placed that you realise you aren’t going anywhere. A location on the Harbour foreshore means its really just one big no through road. And thats just the way we like it here. Once you’re in, you’re here to stay.

Mossy’s family hail from the old suburb and so I live my history vicariously through him. I buy into that sense of ownership 100% and fully intend to be just another old timer wandering the streets talking to anybody who will listen about the good old days. I love to hear these tales, tall or not, knowing that this shining corner of the world had such humble, working class beginnings.

Bryce Courtney’s tale of the pensinsula may have gone unread if not thanks to an old family friend, thanks dear Lady. Its everything and more of the puzzle I have pieced together in my mind of this cherished place. I have always wandered the streets and know every hand quarried house by heart but now I find myself doing it at 6am before the sun has risen. I imagine, as I softly tread through time, that the lace curtains I peep through belong to a family beginning their day with a cup of over sweetened tea, just enough to get them through another toiling day on the docks as the children battle for their families’ honour in the school yard. I love seeing laundry, hung across the backgarden, left over night in exchange for other, more urgent tasks. Heavy from the morning dew, the white bedlinens are the wings upon which an era must always pass on.

This is my dreamtime. As I press my palm to stone made from uncountable grains of sand I feel more present, more connected to my past than I ever do during the day. This is my time.

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  1. Bev

     /  February 23, 2012

    Yay ….you’re back !! I have missed you Rainbow Lane ! xx


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