I’ve got crabs!

Market day is my favourite time of the week. I like to display my wares in dishes all over the kitchen encouraging the children to grab a baby heirloom tomato to munch on or to add a splash of lime to our dinner (drinks) each night.

We’ve been eating from my favourite cook book by Jane Kennedy comedian and occasional chubster. It’s exactly the food I need to be eating. Light, fresh and low on the carbs but the flavor is packed in tighter than a cup of brown sugar in a brownie mix. Like Lady Moss, Lady Kennedy is obsessed with food and fashion, a difficult combination at the best of times.

Her books are funny, entertaining and not in the least smug, from a mother of 5 yes FIVE kids. Always one to compare myself to others, I reason that if she can find the time to be organised and healthy then I can also. I feel so fabulous after playing with her recipes. They have just enough cooking technique to keep me interested but are usually quick and more than satisfying to linger over with a glass of wine.

I come back to the Asian Crab Omelette time and again. We love eggs in this house and this dish is delicious and elegant. Most of the ingredients are basic store cupboard supplies which makes for a pleasant undertaking during the 5pm circus.

Gather from the pantry:

2 tsp sesame oil

2 tsp light soy sauce

2 tsp peanut oil

And from the fridge

2 whole eggs, 1 egg white

170g crab meat (the recipe calls for tinned, I prefer fresh because it includes a visit with my favourite fishmonger)

2 spring onions sliced, (reserve the green tops)

½ cup bean sprouts / snow pea sprouts

Crispy shallots

Preheat a small frypan on high, pour in the peanut oil. When it sizzles turn heat to medium.

Whisk the eggs and add the other ingredients. I like to use two frypans which allows me to serve Mossy and myself at the same time.

Pour in the egg mixture cooking until the omelette is practically cooked. Fold and turn if necessary until cooked through. Serve with the sprouts, crispy shallots and a riesling.


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