Nothing beats a good accessoire

I just love when a piece of cooking equipment pays for its place in the Rainbow Lane kitchen. Less about the cost than its justification for storage space, Lady Moss has more than a few useless items that as much as we would love to get rid of can’t bear to. I’m quite sure I’ve never heard anyone say “I have just the right amount of storage in my life”.

Last night’s dinner was an absolute treat. An adults only dish, the flavours are just a little too grown up even for the adventurous palettes of the Littles. Found in Jane Kennedy and The Naked Chef’s cookbooks it’s best prepared with a beer and wedge of lime in hand.

Most importantly is to use the best quality meat you can find. We have several beloved butchers, in this instance the boys at Birkenhead Point butchery carved off a juicy hunk of beef rib-eye, about 400 grams. Remove your meat from the fridge before the bath and bed routine allowing it to come to room temperature.

Whilst I prepared the meal, Mossy went on a brief beer run, returning with a case of Sol. What is it with imported beer that even when thrifty (dare we say cheap? no not here), feels so much more special than the regular Australian stuff? VB just doesn’t get the same reaction from Lady Moss as a crisp Mexican or Japanese Beer.

In a heavy based fry-pan roast off two tablespoons of coriander seeds before pounding them with one tablespoon of peppercorns and a teaspoon of sea salt. Pour the mix out onto a board and roll the beef ensuring all sides are coated.

Bring the pan up to smoking hot and dry fry the meat on all sides for about five minutes for rare (anything further is really unnecessary with good quality meat, especially for this dish). Allow to rest for another five minutes before slicing as thinly as possible (I use my most adored electric knife). Arrange on a large white platter.

Prepare your accessories by mandolin or slicing thinly, eight radishes, a thumb of ginger and a generous handful of chopped coriander. Anoint the meat with two tablespoons of light soy and two teaspoons of sesame oil. Sprinkle over the radishes, ginger and coriander.

This meal is so fresh and lively, it’s a party on a plate. Restaurant quality, it looks and tastes decadent even when served up at the kitchen table on a Tuesday evening. Reminds me of a night out with adult company, most needed after the week we’ve just survived.



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