In her birthday suit

I used to go to school with twin girls who on top of being willowy and gorgeous, had a mother who made amazing costumes for dances. The most memorable was a full mermaid suit inspired by Splash and a Queen of Hearts ballgown, both as easily at home on a film set as our little primary school.

Although Lady Moss may never have the sewing skills to compete with the twin’s mum, its pretty thrilling to be able to create an outfit for Aris Oofey Party that any little dragon lover could be proud of. Possibly more important is the fact that mama can hold her head up in Woolies with the Littles out and about in said costume.

We decided to go one step further and make a dragon tail for each friend coming to the party. Crazy, I hear you say? Certifiable? Wait until you see the crepe paper bunting before you lock me up, it’s a beauty.

To make your little dragon their very own tail, wings and tutu you will need the following.

Felt in two colours of your choosing (or theirs if you are brave. Red and orange anyone?)

One white bonds singlet

Thread, polyfil, elastic, tulle.

This project is fabulous for using up scraps from other projects, unless of course you have to make twenty tails. Yes twenty.

Dragon Tails

I kept my size within reason as I had so many to do. Great decision! I used a lot less fill, felt and thread than I thought I would and ended up with a fantastic result.

Slice / cut a rectangle of felt measuring 20 inches by 5 inches (you could play around with size here depending on your preference)

Fold felt in half lengthwise and create a tail shape by cutting a curve from the point of the tail to about halfway up.

Using your other colour, cut rectangles, measuring about 4 inches on all sides works  well. Line these along the open edge from end to end before pinning the sides together. Leave yourself at least a half inch sewing allowance to ensure the points are well fastened.

Using matching thread, sew from the tail point right along to the thick end which will be attached to elastic. Backstitch at both ends for strength.

Fill the tail using polyfil and a chopstick. Sew the ends closed, again using backstitch at the ends.

Measure your littles waist and either sew a piece of elastic onto the thick edge or as I’ve done, a piece of bias binding which can be tied around the waist and adjusts easily after a big dragon meal.

Note: If you are as crazy as Lady Moss and decide to make several, make like a factory and complete each step for each tail before moving onto the next step. This prevents the constant getting up and down, changing threads etc. We are quite lazy and despise anything that looks like hard work.

Dragon Wings

Draw a wing shape onto tracing paper. Once you are happy, cut out and fasten to your felt which should be folded in half. Cut out two sets of wings (four pieces).

Attach to the back of a singlet using pins before sewing around the edges, leaving an opening to stuff the wings to give them a little depth. Be wary of sewing your singlet together, it helps to take the arm off your machine and work slowly.

Once stuffed, backstitch the wings closed. Stupendous effort!


There are a million opinions on how to create these, many online but I think this is the simplest version.

Measure your child’s waist with elastic (about half and inch thick is best). Cut your piece and set aside.

Decide on the length of your tutu and cut long pieces of tulle using this measurement as the width. For example, we decided to make Ari’s 10 inches long so I cut four pieces of various tulles into 30 in x 11 in (leaving a 1 in sewing allowance for an elastic casing). I found the perfect blue polka dot tulle in the remnants bin for $2. I used this and some white that I had left over. The more tulle you use, the puffer your skirt will be.

Pin a ¾ – 1 inch casing along the long side of each piece of tulle. Sew along, backstitching at the ends for strength. Once this is complete you are ready to thread your elastic! Simple non?

Attach a safety pin to each side of your elastic and begin threading through your casing. As you reach the end of your elastic, secure to the tulle using the second safety pin or it will loyally follow you as you work. You don’t want this.

Push the tulle along as you thread, adding each piece, no need to sew together or hem. Once this is complete, fasten the ends of the elastic together, stitching back and forth several times.

This costume should take no longer than a rainy afternoon, and I warn you there are many instore for us here in Sydney! Why not get in early for Halloween or make a few tails as homemade birthday gifts.

Crepe Paper Bunting

During the dinner hour last night, Lady Moss had the brilliant idea to create decorative bunting out of left over crepe paper.

All you need is paper, a sewing machine and patience…..

Slice as many triangles as your sanity will allow, ours measure 3inx3inx4in.

Using a straight stitch, thread each piece though your machine, one after other, minding your fingers as you go please!

The crepe is stronger than you think and sews beautifully. Leave a few inches of loose thread at the ends to hang your merry triangles and hope for a bright day with no wid to show them off.

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  1. these are so fantastic mel! love the dragon wings. what a lucky (and adorable!) daughter you have. xo


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