Kiddy Curry

I wish you were here in my kitchen right now and not just because Lady Moss hates to drink alone. I wish that someone else could experience what I smell. A little experiment with some nectarines has resulted in a modern take on my mum’s classic Apricot Chicken. Outside the rain is falling, but here in my little haven, the scents are spicy and sweet, a perfect Moroccan perfume.

I am cooking for the Littles so caution rules with my curry powder, however the balance is just right, so I’m not sure that I would add more in any case. The following amounts will yield four servings.

4 free range chicken thighs, trimmed of excess fat and chopped into bite size chunks

1 large sweet potato chopped into bite size chunks

1 generous handful of French beans chopped into 2cm lengths

4 eshallots diced (feel free to use a brown onion but I find the French version so sweet and lovely to work with, the Littles don’t seem to notice they are added to the dish)

¾ teaspoon of best quality curry powder (I use Herbies)

Finally the key ingredient, 3 luscious nectarines or peaches chopped into bite size pieces

Gently fry the shallot’s in olive oil before raising the heat to brown the chicken thigh. Add the curry paste and frying until fragrant.

Rain in your vegetables and add a little water, about half a cup, helps to amalgamate the flavours into a delicious sauce. Add the fruit, turn the heat down to a simmer and cover.

Cook the curry until the vegetables are cooked through, about fifteen minutes, check with a knife. Add a little sea salt and coriander, perhaps some flaked almonds for adults and dinner is ready.

The Littles inhaled theirs and came back for seconds (thirds for The King). This is a fabulous dish for fussy eaters, the fruit adds a gorgeous sweetness and disguises any vegetable flavor, just what any mama needs really, plus a glass of wine or whichever comes first!


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