Could this be a contender?

Should the unfortunate crime occur that Lady Moss finds herself on death row I have always been assured that at least I know what my final meal would be. Perhaps more frightening than the electric chair is the thought of having to choose one favourite dish from many.

Even though we have several adored meals, the ultimate remains the same. Fresh cooked and peeled prawns, seafood sauce, ripened avocado and a baked-that-morning bread roll washed down with a glass of French champagne. We admit to often wondering, do they allow champagne in prison?

Until now, when my world was turned upside down by perhaps the greatest combination of flavours ever .Three luscious ingredients, cooked to juicy perfection savoured in the early evening light. Set to become a serious contender in the last meal repertoire and potentially bore Mossy to death with how often it is served at Rainbow Lane.

I have told you about my love affair with my fishmongers many times, they never fail to make me smile and send me home with the freshest fish they can find for the Littles. For this dish you will only need the following for two adults:

1 salmon fillet per person

1 large fennel bulb

1 large in season orange

Clearly if you are reading this you already have good olive oil, sea salt flakes and pepper in your pantry therefore I am not adding those to the shopping list.

Lady Moss has always been challenged in the fish cooking department until I goggled how to cook salmon to perfection. Our life has never been the same since. And so I will share the secret with you dear friend, along with the Best. Salad. Ever. So easy a 20 year old university student can master it.

Remove your salmon fillets from the fridge and smear with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

 Heat a fry pan on the highest heat until it is just smoking. Lay your fillets in skin side down and turn the heat down immediately to just between low and medium. Fry for approximately four minutes or until the flesh looks cooked halfway. Turn over the fillet and cook for another 2 – 3 minutes. You want the fish to be luscious and light, flaking perfection. Tip: do not oil your pan, like meat it will just create smoke and burn the fish, oiling the fillet prior to cooking is ample.

While the salmon is cooking, slice off the end off the fennel, reserve some of the leafy tops and proceed to mandolin the bulb into thin slices. Peel and cut the orange into segments, making sure all pith is removed. Season with salt, pepper and olive oil, before squeezing any juice out of the remaining orange offcuts over the salad.

Plate up the salmon and salad, garnishing with the reserved fennel tops.

I cannot even begin to tell you how divine this dish is, suffice to say, you can thank me later. It does concern us though, that if this is to become my new favourite death row meal, would Lady Moss be allowed to stand by and ensure the fish is cooked to perfection or must we shout instructions from our cell?

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