A Good Virus

If this is a war of attrition then surely the numbers are finally on our side?

For longer than I have been alive Uganda has been ruled by leaders forging a path of destruction that has brought the country to its knees. Brutality and violence gone on for so long there is hardly anyone living who has ever known a day free from fear.

Since the early eighties, the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has held Northern Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring countries captive under its tyrannical rule. Its hard to believe that the term warlord even has a place in modern language, let alone a home in beautiful Africa. Yet it does. Peaceful measures by the UN and charitable organizations run throughout the republic have done little to change the fate of children stolen from their homes and forced to kill, rape and mutilate their families, friends and countrymen.

How can such a place survive in such darkness? How can a child find the courage to survive when all it knows is fear and torture? Because there is always hope, that love will find a way. Man did this, not God and only humanity can change the future.

For years I have felt helpless, watching on as the governments of the world make excuses for why they refuse to act, to fight for the rights of the children. I believe it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak and police the wrong no matter how far away they are. I have sent money and dreamed in my head about the day when Mossy’s company can fund a community of schools in The Congo a place that keeps me awake at night asking God why I was born here and another child there.

Until today, it felt so little, so nothing until I saw again the true power of the individual and was re-inspired. Invisible Children is a non-profit organisation run by a generation determined to change the world. Started in 2003 by three creative visionaries who made a promise to a child, Jacob, who asked them to kill him so it would all be over and he could see his brother again in heaven. Their documentary has been floating around for years and has finally reached the point where it was finished and released on the internet.

The internet, the oxygen of the millennium, with the power to turn history upside down. To allow the individual to reshape the world from their living room, their very lap. The Kony 2012 movement will redefine life as we know it. A cause that calls for everyone to STOP THEM. Starting with Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA, the worst living war criminal, to force authorities to find him and bring him to justice using military measures.

To me this is about more than stopping just one man. It is about abolishing evil on this planet. It is about using technology to create the world we want. It is about delivering the information to the individual and giving them the tools to spread the word and force them to fight for what is most important. Our children.

My biggest wish is that Kony 2012 will be a defining moment in the history of my generation. As powerful as that day in 1963 when Dr King delivered his dream to my parents. This is our day now.

To join Invisible Children and lend your voice to the cause visit them at www.kony2012.com


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